Winner Announced for the Inaugural C3 Conscious Leadership Award

On behalf of the C3 Community (Co-op Consciousness Co-op), Lawrence Henderson And I was happy to announce and congratulate Dr. Pamela Lard For winning our Constituent Conscious Leadership Award.

On Saturday, November 6, after a panel discussion on various ways to approach organizational transformation, Lawrence and I, a panel member also joined. Michael TaylorShelling Point CEO, announced at the Consciousness Conference (ConConCon) that the C3 Awards Committee selected Dr. Pamela for “both the quality of the impact it has on its community and the number of people who have been positively impacted,” according to ConCon Chairman of the Awards Committee, Lindsay Ackerman.

Dr. Pamela Lard, Founder of the Academy for Creative Training, with the first ever C3 Awareness Leadership Award, was presented on November 6, 2021 at ConCon.

Jay Hart, COO of the Creative Training Academy (ACC) Who appointed Dr. Lared said, “Dr. Lard is a leader who empowers everyone around him to be autonomous without fear of mistakes. Instead, she cultivates work to get better … Dr. Lared 100% supports our goals And works with me daily to help the team develop ways to implement initiatives and achieve goals. “Dr. Lard is inspiring in the work she does for women and especially for women of color.”

Fellow C3 and ConCon Founder Lawrence Henderson, one of the ACC’s 320 diverse graduates, also appointed Dr. Lard. Pam inspires students and faculty to dream and be active participants in everything they do. Dr. Pam’s ability to know how she appears in spaces, transcend her reality and stay focused on why she does what she does is so inspiring. She is truly a conscious servant leader who is challenging in doing her job and expecting it from everyone around her. “

In addition to leading the ACC, which she founded in 2013, Henderson notes that Dr. Lard was “very committed to education and research. [She] Has spent twelve years developing student leadership at Clermont Colleges and Market University, eleven years as a research professor at Mercer University’s Tift College of Education, and most recently as an associate professor of leadership for the Anderson University Leadership Program.

“Her research focuses on race and gender dynamics, self-motivation, resilience and post-traumatic growth. She is a member of the International Leadership Association, the International Relations Research Association, the National Association of Student Personnel Managers, the American College Men’s Association, the National Prisoners’ Association and Women’s Prisoners.

Dr. Lard remains committed to serving the community through initiatives that include working with Morris Brown College as a partner in their successful and unprecedented re-certification process. Internationally, the Creative Training Academy is in partnership with a prison to offer training and certification of pro-bono coaches to inmates and staff.

“With a heart to amplify the voices of people who are not often heard, who have fascinating stories and wisdom to convey, Dr. Lard has created two platforms that provide access to advertising and broadcasting for emerging influencers. She is the founder and president of Tandem Light Press, a publishing company committed to publishing award-winning books written for women and by women; And its podcast, recently renamed the Whisperer of Happiness, is a discussion platform that covers issues related to humanity, intellect, change and of course … joy. “

It is clear that Dr. Lard not only sets a high standard for conscious leaders to reach, she has built a number of scales to help more leaders reach it and advocated a community of leaders who will help more professionals reach the high path. Who will be able to follow her as our next winner of the C3 Awareness Leadership Award, but I look forward to discovering and promoting more amazing forces of positive change just like her ahead of next year’s award.

Click here to view the ConCon panel on different ways to approach corporate transformation and present the award. Access to ConCon 2021 Session recordings will be available for purchase separately, in a package of 3, and as an entire library in the coming weeks.

Join the C3 community To learn about future creative leadership events or to create together, such as the Monthly Answer Leadership Challenge events on various topics as selected by the C3 community.

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Karen Holler is the creator of Ripple Drawing of Corporate Consciousness and author A sharp laser career focus: Find your goal and passion within 30 days. She founded Epic Careering, a leadership and career development company specializing in executive branding and conscious culture, in 2006.

While the bulk of her 20 years of professional experience has been in the recruitment and employment industry, her publications, presentations and coaching also draw from her experience in personal development, performance, broadcasting, marketing and sales. Its solutions combine breakthroughs in neuroscience, human performance optimization, bioenergetics and psychology to help leaders accelerate relationships, expand impact and increase engagement and productivity while maintaining business and the planet’s sustainability.

Ms. Holler was one of the first instructors on LinkedIn and is well known for her ability to identify and develop new trends. She is a certified professional resume writer, a certified career counselor, and a certified clinical hypnosis therapist, with a bachelor’s degree in communication and theater studies from Ursinus College and a master’s degree in creative writing. its Blog Recognized as the Top 100 Career Blog in the World by Feedspot.

She was an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at Cabrini University and an Associate Professor of Career Management and Professional Development at the University of Drexel University. As an instructor at the Academy for Young Entrepreneurs, she helped two of her students win the 2018 National Competition to be selected for America’s Next Leading Young Entrepreneurs, win the 2019 People’s Choice Award, and land among the top 8 during a (virtual) 2020 national competition.

She is the secretary of the board of the Upper Marion Community Center and has just finished serving as vice president of the Gulf Elementary PTC, for which she has been recognized as a partner and promoter of public education by the Upper Marion Upper Education Association. She lives in King Prussia with her husband, two daughters and many pets, furry, feathered and scaly.

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