Writing Your Way to a New Job Opportunity With Carla Bass

I am grateful and respectful that I have Carla Bass, Retired Air Force Colonel, now a writer, writer and orator, on the show. We’ll talk a little bit about her book, “Write to make an impact!We will also talk about how writing can change and advance your career, as it did with thousands during service time.

Listen and see what I’m talking about and get into the conversation.

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At this time of year and at the point of the show, I usually tell you that there is one more show left that I will post from May 10th to September. I look at some of today’s job search challenges, and even though the number says low, many of you are unemployed. I decided it might help if I did not fire you for three months.

What if I publish one or two episodes each month of the summer? This will help?

Tell me what you think?

More about Carla:

Colonel Carla Bass taught the audience how to write clear, concise and compelling text for more than 20 years. Her workshop students have won grants, jobs and competitive prizes. She shares in her book how to write outstanding effective resumes that will help you advance your career.

Enjoy the interview!


I will occasionally release shows over the summer – at least three. You will receive hourly chapters of job search tips, conversations, tips and special guests. I plan to include full excerpts or episodes from my live broadcast programs “The Modern Search Checklist” or “JobSeekerNation”. I will be playing some guest appearances from other shows again.

So enjoy the rest of the show, and I’ll talk to you soon.

I hope you enjoy what is coming.

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