You have three potential career paths… — Rachel B. Garrett

If you’re an active job seeker, you may be trying to find that perfect path or role to jump into. And you are all on top of making this super important decision. It’s a life-changing decision.

I see you and I know you are frustrated. Let’s loosen that pressure valve just a little bit.

Let me be clear: There is no one perfect way for you. There is no one step right next.

You have many options. There are many paths, many roles that can work. And it will be necessary to get into action around these options to understand which one will suit you best.

In my career transition, I tried three different routes before landing in coaching. All at once, I was experimenting with digital marketing consulting (the safe way), a baby registry startup called Rock That Registry (I even had the coolest logo), and coaching (which felt scary, but also like reading).

I started following all these paths at once and within months I realized that I had the most momentum and drive in the training path. I let the other two fade away and doubled down on coach training and building my businesses.

As a coach, I later read the book Designing Your Life, by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, which offers an approach that connects design thinking and a career path. I was shocked to see that this strategy of choosing three lanes is one they recommend as part of their process.

Well, hey, I just did it instinctively, which reinforced to me that I’m pretty good at all career transition stuff. Another hint that helped me decide to work with women who make similar transitions.

Many of my clients feel guilty about leaving a career path they’ve been on for quite some time. Therefore, I encourage them to choose the safe path, a role similar to what they currently have as one of their three paths. Their body is always letting them know if they want to continue down that path.

In my safe ways, I would look down at the digital marketing proposals I wrote and say…I don’t want to do this job! I felt dread in my bones before I shared it with the client. I listened to my body in this section.

If we work together, I will help you identify your three ways that may change over time.

One may fade and a new one may enter as you continue to have conversations and explore.

I like this approach because it feels broad enough that you can experiment and play with your search and structured enough that you don’t feel cut off and overwhelmed by too many options.

Feel free to write back to tell me what you think about your three ways and if you would like support in expanding your mind to go beyond the safe things you have always done – you can also book a free Clarity call to discuss at


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