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Published: April 26, 2021 by Gillian Collins

In February 2021, Kim Dority, our iSchool Career Counselor, gave an amazing presentation on creating and executing a personal career action plan. Action planning is a career-and-life skill. if you Watch the presentationYou will see how the active construction of your career begins with the active knowledge that small steps turn into bigger jumps into greatness.

The components of your action plan

There is an action plan your Conditions. This your
Purpose. your task. And that means you are in control, and actively investing energy that will propel you in your ideal direction.

Action plans have three ‘titles’:

  • The goal. When you think of goals, you think of what it is you are they Going to fulfill. Whatever it is – that’s what You want to and desire
    to reach. Example goal: Get a job as a UX Designer upon graduation.
  • Strategies. When you have a goal, you need to have an idea of ​​what needs to be done to reach it. The strategies are accurate and describe the steps that make up what you will do to reach your goal. Deal with it by choosing three strategies that match your goal. Using the example goal, “Get a job as a UX designer when you graduate”, three strategic tactics may be:
  1. Master the necessary UX skills;
  2. You will learn more about UX design jobs;
  3. You will meet people in the UX field, both inside and outside the LIS universe.
  • tactics. These are smaller action items that blend in with an individual strategy. Work out tactics into the components that make up strategies. Consider what you can do on a regular basis and come up with three tactics that will work to fulfill your strategies. It is important to emphasize that the tactic should be realistic, flexible and easily integrated into your regular routine.

Let’s take a look at Watch Strategy, “Learn more about UX design jobs.” Some possible tactics may be:

  1. Read a lot of UX job descriptions;
  2. Conduct information interviews with UX practitioners;
  3. Find and start following professional UX groups, bloggers, and UX library communities.

By tracking your progress with your tactics, and then seeing how it advances your strategies forward, you will also clearly see how the goal you have set for yourself becomes an achievement.

When you think of your plan, keep in mind that it is not a hard and fast regime. It’s yours to plan, That you should take into account that in your life there will be all sorts of twists, turns and unexpected commitments that may raise your plan temporarily. When this happens, remember not to judge yourself. It can be difficult, but it’s an important tactic in itself!

A community that encourages you

Reality can be full of detours, some of which can have a negative impact on your plans (and your emotions). In addition, the sense of doubt that sometimes comes from outside points of view and voices can derail you. While it is easier said than done to ignore what is not, what are you tin To do this is to pay attention to who or what is dragging you down – and focus on what builds you, such as:

  • The cheerful teammate you worked with some time ago? Reached out.
  • The lovely park you have down the street? Take a break and go for a short walk.
  • Did you get a glowing response to something you did? Read it again.

By surrounding yourself in a community of people and positive experiences, are you Can build your Positive community, eliminating negativity.

Action figures

I want to make sure to give credit where credit goes. Kim Dority made this post possible, with the presentation of her action plan, and her constant positivity and encouragement. I think that kind of encouragement is the voice where you should read it. When you think about what you want, you really know where you want to be. When you see these little steps accumulate over time, you see how you can navigate toward your career dreams on your own terms.

The plan of action is not a regime, but a routine of small things that become a great achievement. The action plans are flexible. Life always throws us curve balls, but you have to decide. Do others say you need to do something their Through, what will conflict with your dreams and disable them? Leave those voices behind, and instead take to heart that you have a community that wants you to succeed.

See yourself as an action figure – that
your An action plan is how are you Find to succeed.

A quick jot from Gillian

I worked hard to overcome the thoughts that say, “I can not do this, so I will not try.” After that always comes some justification that has been forced upon itself. Always some variation of “I’m an idiot”.

But I worked to see that my goals were constantly changing. I have come this far; Failed and succeeded. I refocused and refocused. I have this big post-it board I write the big list of “chores” on. I crushed what I did and the small steps required that made me erase the bigger thing.

I have people I have met who have brought me to this point, even if they do not know it. I am talented and motivated to maintain momentum.

My next plan of action is to make a change. My current, and ongoing, is to pay it forward.

Career options

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