Does Your Team Ignore Your Feedback?

Did you hear that from your managers (or did you say it yourself)? “My people are untrainable. They are defensive, it’s like they have a wall. They ignore feedback and just do not listen.” Sometimes people can not grow up because they are not in the right position or they are actually incapable.

Leaders take responsibility for the legitimate reasons people may ignore feedback. In today’s episode, you get seven reasons why people ignore your feedback (and customizable solutions).

Why people ignore feedback

1:04 – We hear from team members who will explain each of the seven reasons they have difficulty hearing or doing anything with the feedback they receive.

1:30 – Avoid the flood of feedback

2:15 – There are two types of hypocrisy that can prevent people from hearing your feedback. The first is not to create an absorption model yourself.

3:06 – The power of the mirror to connect and listen.

3:20 – The second type of hypocrisy to avoid.

4:36 – The problem with vague feedback.

5:18 – Sometimes people will disagree with you. It’s OK. How to take responsibility and help your team get through those moments.

6:05 – When you make a mistake (it happens) and what to do to ensure that people can still hear you, even when you make a mistake or do not have all the information.

8:21 – The last reason people can not hear feedback is that they do not understand what you are trying to tell them. This usually happens when a leader is uncomfortable or self-defeating and does not say what needs to be said.

11:05 – Continued question from previous episode: How do I make my team trust each other?

14:06 – Submit your leadership or management question. I would love to answer that in a future chapter:

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