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On Jumbo Interactive

Jumbo, founded in 1995, is the technology powerhouse behind many commercial lotteries and charities, using its own innovative platform. Mater Prize Homes, Endeavor Foundation, Oz Lotteries and Powerball are just some of their major customers.

Today, Jumbo has grown to a workforce of more than 150 employees worldwide. They use the latest technology to create a fascinating and entertaining shopping experience for their customers on a variety of digital platforms.

Great results come from the talented community and their core of Jumboians

Jumbo attracts amazing people to join their team by providing flexibility above and beyond, empowering their people to deliver their work the way they see fit, and appreciating creativity and play. When you join a jumbo, jumbo colleagues will tell you:

  • “The flexibility is tremendous. Trust me to meet my responsibilities outside of the normal workday only. I have the freedom to dodge for 20 minutes. We have the confidence to work productively, but also still deal with the things of the life manager that pop up.” Chris Dwyer, Chief Product Marketer
  • “Jumbo has a lot of very smart people, with very strong technical skills. It’s inspiring.” – Judy Farrah, QA Leader
  • “I think the people I work with are the nicest people I have known.” Adi, data analyst

Jumbo Interactive - always thinks big

A workplace designed to suit your needs

Jumbo provides a flexible work environment where employees are qualified to choose a workplace where they are most comfortable and productive. This flexibility allows their people to manage their work and time according to their needs, while continuing to achieve their careers and personal goals.

Jumbo has a wide range of flexible work arrangement options for employees to choose where they work: remotely, in the office or a combination of both.

As a company, Jumbo will support those who choose to work remotely by continuing and improving their first-tier processes – Google Suite for collaboration, less / no reliance on personal gatherings and equipment, with the goal of each team member being as efficient as they can be, regardless of where they are Working.

“I love Jumbo for so many reasons, but the most important thing for me is that I can be me. I came to Jumbo when I was five months pregnant. They passed my probation period early so I had peace of mind about my job security, they I was encouraged to raise my hand for promotion even though I went on mat mat leave a month later (and was given one!) And got it! The highest level of flexibility and confidence to manage my newborn and the work I am truly passionate about. I gave my loyalty to Jumbo as soon as I realized how much they really value diversity and unique perspectives. ” Ann Flores, Leading People Experience – Group

Jumbo Interactive - always thinks big

Exciting benefits and benefits

A career in jumbo is more than just a job. With exciting benefits and perks to support your development and well-being, there is no better place to work.

  • Competitive compensation packages

Jumbo is updated on market trends to ensure that your reward package is competitive with others in the market.

The Jumbo Kitchen is one delicious source of energy! Take breakfast, coffee and fruit to start your day, plus a nutritious lunch to keep you going.

It is important to possess the latest equipment and technology to stay relevant in the ever-changing landscape. They provide the right tools for the job!

Jumbo takes a holistic approach to well-being, and supports you in your career and health. They provide health reimbursements and access to professional services through our employee assistance program.

Achieving a good work-life balance is important for Jumbo. They know that the 9-5 lifestyle does not work for everyone, so they have varying hours to support it.

  • Maternity leave paid by a company

Jumbo provides employees with paid maternity leave to allow mothers and fathers an opportunity to support and bond with their new addition.

There are a variety of opportunities to hang out with colleagues, whether it’s for drinks or a competition.

Jumbo’s team is the key to their success as an organization. They encourage ongoing training and the development of skills and abilities.

Jumbo Interactive - always thinks big

Works at Jumbo Interactive

Career b Jumbo Interactive It’s much more than just work. Their investment in digital innovation leaves them at the forefront of the industry, while a focus on welfare and caring for their staff ensures a great place to work.

Take a look at available jobs and join a team that supports building industry-leading solutions Here.


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